Advertising solutions

Advertise to reach more customers, and increase your sales on PcComponentes.

Sponsored Ads

Promote your products at the top of the product list in the categories and search results on the PcComponentes website, and track the performance of your advertising investment in real time.
  • Carry out search campaigns on sponsored products.
  • Promote on native, relevant listings.
  • Target your campaigns to users looking for related products.
  • Performance-based cost-per-click (CPC) platform.
  • Without minimum expenditure.
  • Select products, families, “keywords” and budget to display your products at the top of the page.

Banner Ads

Increase the visibility and recognition of your brand with ads that appear in the categories most closely related to your products or search results.
  • Place your banners in relevant locations in search results.
  • Select the desired spaces, budgets, strategies and keywords.
  • Banners are only displayed on relevant pages and have their own relevance scores.
  • Impression Cost Auction (CPM).

Landing Page

Create your campaign page with predesigned templates. Add images and videos, and highlight promotions and products.
  • Predefined templates, image selections, texts and products.
  • Monthly fixed cost per page.

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