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Sponsored Ads are ads segmented by family category or keywords that promote your products individually and are shown in product listing results by family and offer within PcComponents. Select the products you want to advertise, and decide how much you want to spend on your bids and what your budget is.

With Sponsored Ads you can boost your sales by positioning your product at the top of the products and offers list.

Banner Ads are spaces located in areas of greater visibility where you can highlight your brand and products with images.

With Banner Ads, you can help boost your sales, brand awareness and recognition through ads placed in high-impact and high-visibility spaces. 

It also helps to give greater visibility to a product launch or offer in the core families of your products.

You need to have an account on PcAds and sell products within our ecommerce platform.  (manufacturers or marketplaces) 

The relevance algorithm will ensure that your product is shown to the right customer and at the right time when there is a purchase intention that the result will be improve your sales. Proof of such sales will be shown through real-time reporting on the platform.


Search Campaigns

A word or combination of words that matches the search terms that buyers use to find products in PcComponentes. The keywords you add to your campaigns determine when your ads appear.


We recommend that you watch our step-by-step video explaining how to create Sponsored Ads search campaigns.

A keyword recommender will be added soon. At this time, we recommend selecting the keywords that work best for your product in Google Ads. We also recommend that you search for the keyword you want to select in the PcComponentes search engine to see the related keywords.

No. By internal policy we cannot accept the use of keywords that are not related to the products to be promoted since it goes against the user experience and usability that we take so much care of at PcComponentes.

Therefore, the keywords should be in line with the search criteria, not only because it is better for the advertiser in terms of campaign conversion but also for the level of web usability.

Keywords including the competition will only be accepted if the brand is not investing on PcAds. Another option is to select the keyword that interests you in phrase matching instead of exact matching.

We recommend a thorough selection of keywords, as this will determine when your ads appear. The best thing is that the selected keywords are segmented and specific, because if they are very generic they can generate greater expenditure and less conversion. 

In addition, we recommend conducting a thorough review of the selected keywords to assess their results and optimize your campaigns as much as possible, especially if generic keywords are selected. 

Creating Campaigns

To create a Sponsored Ads campaign, select the products you want to advertise, set a budget, and choose the duration of the campaign. Our recommendation is that you set a daily budget of €10 and not set an end date for the campaign so that buyers can discover your products whenever they do a search in PcComponentes. In our Resources section, you can watch a step-by-step video to learn how to create a Sponsored Ads campaign.

If it is a sponsored product, users directly access the product detail page, while banner ads will direct buyers to a custom landing page.


If the product is out of stock, the ad will not appear since we are integrated with the e-commerce server through API and, thanks to this, we have access to the catalogue and stock.


We value products for their relevance and then for their bid price. You can increase your Max CPC to have a greater chance of reaching that preferred position.

The best thing you can do to improve your average position is to increase the campaign’s Max CPC. Start by increasing it by 50-100%, and then check if the data has improved the next day. Price promotions through the retailer can help you, among other things, increase the CTR, which translates into getting a better position and increasing online sales.


Your product may not appear in the product selector because it is a new reference and PcComponentes has not uploaded it to the catalogue at that time. Please report this situation to your customer manager for updating.


We recommend that you set up an initial campaign, and leave it active for 2 – 4 weeks. This will help you gather enough data and information to understand what works. Check your locations on the page as often as possible to see where they are. If you want to test and improve your position, try increasing your Max CPC by 50-100%, and check your position in one hour.


In the case of Marketplace sellers, the promotion is always done on the product file, not on the offer. This means that you can advertise a product that did not win the Buy Box, but you should know that you run the risk of promoting a product that ends up converting another seller. We recommend that you try to have the best price for the Buy Box to increase your chances of profiting from investing in products shared with other sellers.


Sponsored Ads are cost-per-click ads, so you only pay when your ad is clicked. You can choose how much you are willing to pay for a click and set your budget.

Banner Ads are ads that cost per thousand impressions, so you pay when your ad has been shown 1,000 times.

There is no minimum budget to activate a campaign.

Before activating your ads, it is necessary to put money in your wallet, and, as you spend on campaigns, it will be deducted from your balance. You can find an explanatory video on how to load funds in our Resources section.

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