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Learn how to create campaigns from scratch, understand the metrics offered by repotting, learn about our advertising solutions and new implementations.

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How does our keyword recommender work?

Learn in depth how our new keyword recommender works. You will be able to enjoy all the advantages of this recommender when you are creating your sponsored search product campaigns at the keyword selection stage.

New Premium-Sponsored Product Placements

Little by little we are offering you new innovations within the PcAds platform. With this new feature, we show you the new premium placements for your sponsored product campaigns on the landing page, which have a lot of traffic and that will allow you to increase visibility and sales.

Which campaigns or modifications require PCC approval?

When you run a PcAds campaign, you may ask whether it needs PCC approval. In this video we answer this question, and explain which campaigns or modifications need approval and which are activated directly.

Quick Action buttons to modify campaigns on PcAds.

Within the PcAds platform there are several Quick Action buttons that make it much easier for you to update campaigns and make modifications to budgets, CPCs, duplicate campaigns, etc. Do not miss this video, and discover all the buttons of PcAds.

Do I need to increase my campaign’s CPC Max? What indicators to analyse?

With real-time reporting from the PcAds platform, you can know at a glance whether you need to increase your campaign's CPC Max for maximum visibility. In this video we teach you to correctly analyse the indicators in the report.

How to understand the daily budget in the PcAds’ << Campaign Manager>>?

In PcAds we offer a lot of data and information for campaign analysis, and that is why we find it relevant to review the results of a campaign's daily budget that appears in the "Campaign Manager" section.

Recommendations and Tips for PcAds Black Friday Campaigns.

We offer you these recommendations and tips so that you can implement them in your PcAds Black Friday campaigns and can improve your results. In addition, we cover how to create PcAds campaigns to appear in the PCC Black Friday landing page.

Meet our PcAds Academy Section.

You should not miss our PcAds Academy section, where you will learn everything about our PcAds platform and get the most out of your campaigns. Explore our educational resources and learn with our video tutorials, user guides, best practice articles and more.

Create your Sponsored Ads Search campaign

Learn how to create Sponsored Product Search campaigns.
Promote your products to the top when users search on PcComponentes, and track the performance of your advertising investment in real time.

PcAds User Guide

The goal of this user guide is for you to have all the necessary information on how to understand real-time reporting metrics, to manage users, to create wallets, to reload funds, and to check your ad account balance. In addition to a step-by-step guide.

Reload your advertising account via credit card.

Here's how to reload using a credit card on PcAds.
Insert your credit card, and add balance to your ad account instantly.

Understand campaign metrics

Understand the metrics that PcAds reports give you in real time.
Check all impressions, clicks, and sales in real time. You can also download reports via CSV for use in your internal reports.

Create your first Banner Ads campaign

Learn how to create Banner campaigns on PcAds.
Increase your brand's visibility and recognition with ads that appear in the categories most closely related to your products or search results.

Create your first Category Sponsored Ads campaign

Learn how to create Sponsored Product campaigns.
Promote your products at the top of the product list on the PcComponentes website, and track the performance of your advertising investment in real time.