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Why advertise with us?​

Sponsored ads will help drive your sales on PcComponentes. With our native ad serving technology, we empower you to own premium ad space that increases your sales and brand recognition.

  • Reference e-commerce. Leading online technology store in Spain.
  • 75 million users per year.
  • 750 million page views per year.
  • 2.1 million registered customers.
  • 180 million logins per year.
  • Audience: those interested in technology, business, sports, cars, shopping, travel, etc.

Benefits of Advertising
on PcComponentes

Increase Visibility

Promote yourself at the leading online technology store in Spain with 75 million users/year and 2.7 million orders/year (2020 data).

Increase Sales

When they visit PcComponentes, users are already determined to buy. Your ads will affect customers looking for a specific item to add to their baskets.

Control Costs

Without having a set minimum budget, you pay only for clicks that your sponsored ads receive. You can choose how much you are willing to pay for a click and set your budget.

Performance Goal

Measure return on investment (ROI), and adjust your bids. Our tool uses an optimizing algorithm that shows the ad that will get the most sales.

Real-time Performance

View all impressions, clicks, and sales in real time. You can also download reports via CSV for use in your internal reports.

Our Advertising Solutions

Advertise to reach more customers, and increase your sales on PcComponentes.

Sponsored Ads

Promote your products at the top of the product list on the PcComponentes website, and track the performance of your advertising investment in real time.

Banner Ads

Increase the visibility and recognition of your brand with ads that appear in the categories most closely related to your products or search results.

Landing Page

Create your campaign page with predesigned templates. Add images and text, and highlight promotions and products.

Educational Resources

Learn all about our PcAds platform, and get the most out of your campaigns.

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